by professional Architects & Lawyers

1. Property & Legal Inspection 

Don´t buy problems and insolvent projects.
For New and Pre Owned Properties

2. Delivery Process & 

We inspect every detail and follow up on repairs and warranties.

3. Furniture & Shopping Assistance 

Far away from home? We receive and take care of furniture, decoration & installation.

4. Management & Monthly Inspections

Monthly visits to monitor PROPERTY CONDITION, basic repairs, warranty repairs and bill payments.

Buyer Assistance Services is a real +PLUS that will ensure you will not risk your money.

Trust in nobody, third party inspection is necessary

Integral coverage composed by 4 services


1. Property & Legal Inspection 

Proof of ownership.
(NEW DEVELOPMENTS) The developer complies with the mandatory Mexican government standard NOM-247-SE-2021?
Is the property or development documentation fully within the law and the property out of lien?

Does the contract have misleading clauses?
For new developments; Is it registered and within the Mexican consumer law?

Based on the actual conditions and work processes, is the promised delivery date real? Is it a solvent project?

Return on investment (ROI) According to the historical data of the area, we will estimate the ROI of your investment in a 2 year scenario.

Drone video inspection.
Structure, Exterior Walls, Roofs, Foundation, Earthquake & Hurricane grading.

Floors, ceilings, windows, worktops, walls, cabinets, kitchen, appliances, paint, surfaces, lighting, doors, blinds, counters, closets.

Air conditioning, Circuit breakers, Drainage, Hot water heater, Main electrical panel, Water pressure, switches & sockets.

We will guide you in every legal process of your investment, bank trust, notarial deed, plus management of water, gas, electricity, TV and telephone procurement.

Architectural project review.

New properties have 40% more construction defects than pre-owned properties.

2. Delivery Process &  Inspection 

We will assist the delivery day to to make sure everything is in perfect condition.

We will make a thorough inspection of all finishes, furniture appliances and utilities of the property.

We will check that the guarantee folder meets all the legal requirements.

We will supervise for six months that all construction defects and warranty damages are repaired and corrected, coordinating the work with the developer and checking its correct delivery on site.

Being far from your property will not be a limitation to furnish and equip it easily!

3. Furniture & Shopping Assistance

If you are not at home, we will receive all the furniture and equipment in your property.

Do any of your purchases require installation? We will bring the right contractor to do the job  (Contractor costs are charged separately).

Are you watching for a custom furniture or decoration article that you have not been able to find? Our team of decorator architects will take care of it.

Interior Design Proposal (Furnishing) by Sofia Araiza Architect Interior Designer.

Your property will be in our care.

4. Management & Monthly Inspections

We will make a report the status of your property every month.

If we find a damage or defect that has to be repaired, we will take care of it.

We will take care of your bills payments (We will request the reimbursement of the expense).

If the owner want to rent the property we will be in charge of the advertising, staff management, and guest check in & check out.
(We will charge a porcentaje of the rental)  

Risk we avoid

- Fraud
- Repair Expenses
- Property Loss
- Property Damages
- Theft

How much does the Integral Program coast? 

We will charge 1% of the total cost of the property divided in 2 payments.
50% before the property delivery and 50% after the delivery if the purchase is concluded.  The duration of the service is SIX MONTHS and in the end of it, it can continue with a property management service.


Please leave us a message and we will contact you shorlty






Building & Buying your house in Mexico FAQ

The first 50% payment can be used for six months inspection, we will make a final price adjustment of our services in the final property delivery (second payment).
We will charge an extra $259.00 USD fee for every additional property inspected. 

It is perfectly legal for foreigners to build & own Mexican real estate. Beyond the somewhat tedious process of setting up a bank trust (fideicomiso), buying property in Mexico as an American or Canadian is fairly straightforward.
What is a fideicomiso?
A fideicomiso is a trust that allows foreigners to buy property in Mexico with all the rights of a Mexican citizen. This is a safe, legal, and extremely common vehicle for foreign ownership of real estate in Mexico. Sell it, rent it, build on it, live on it, or pass it down to your heirs… the choice is yours!
Can the Mexican government sieze my property? 
No. If your property was purchased legally and you are not doing anything illegal on the property, the Mexican government has no legal right to take the property, nor do they want to discourage tourism of foreign investments.
Under NAFTA, Mexico may not directly, or indirectly, expropriate property except for a public purpose. For example, if the land is required to build roads or railways. This same process exists in most countries including the US and Canada.

Yes, you can simply invest as a foreign citizen with all the partners you want dividing the ownership of the lot/house/apartment in 2 to 6 parts.
We also can create a Mexican Corporation that can be formed in four weeks with at least two partners. Both can be foreigners; no Mexican citizen is needed. It costs a maximum of $1,500 USD plus a small investment capital ($1,000 USD) and from there you can use it to acquire property through a normal transaction as a Mexican national would. So in a month and a half, you can have the corporation formed and the property under its name to begin the construction. You can also buy a car and pretty much anything you want with it. But price and speed are the only benefits of a corp.

The corporation ties you to an accountant for life. Even if it reports zero income, an accountant will charge you a fee. To act on behalf of the corporation as a partner you need to get your resident status, otherwise you will have to act through powers of attorney given in the corporation to DIEM MANAGEMENT. Everything, and we mean everything you buy through a corporation, has to be done through a check and or wire transfer made from the corporation bank account, so cash is not an option. Finally, the biggest downside: there is no way to avoid capital gains when selling the property. If you manage the property properly and get fiscal receipts for everything you do in the house, you can deduct that against the profit at the time you sell to lower the tax bill, but you can´t avoid it completely.

Tax: A 2% acquisition tax is payable by the buyer when the property changes ownership to them. This is part of the closing costs.
Property Tax: This is called predial, and the average cost is approximately 0.1% of the assessed value of the property at the time of sale.

If you’re planning to pay your down payment or full payment from a non-mexican bank account, you’ll want to keep an eye on the exchange rate and associated fees from your bank. Most property is listed in USD, so no matter what, you will have to ask your bank to convert to USD before sending the transfer.

Wire transfers are the gold standard and are sometimes the only available method when sending payments to purchase property in Mexico, and are also very secure. If the amount is not greater than $10K USD, we suggest using Wise.com as they consistently offer the best exchange rates and the lowest fees.

The price per square meter is around $1,100 to $3,500 USD. (Between $130 USD/sqf to $350 USD /sqf) Lot/Land coast not included.
A $1,100 USD to $1,400 USD sq/m2
AA $1,400 USD to $2,000 USD sq/m2
AAA $2,000 USD to $3,000 USD sq/m2
AAA+ FROM $3,000 sq/m2